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In 2014, we set out to create a show unlike anything we’d ever seen. Our goal was to use our theatrical training and fascination with reality television to create a performance based experience that would break all the “rules” of traditional theatergoing. That means whereas most shows forbade you from eating, drinking, talking to the person next to you or using your cell phone, we required it.


We hosted our first experience September 6, 2014 in a small studio in Brooklyn. Since then, we produced over 35 events in NYC, Detroit and Washington, DC for the general public and private clients. Throughout this site you’ll find a snapshot of that work.


The world continues to be in flux so we've paused our in person programming. But we always have another trick up our sleeves. If you have a special request or want to know more, be in touch. We love to dream.


-Team Show:UP!


CAM & ABI 2014 | 8 Experiences

CAM & ABI 2014 | 8 Experiences

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Trinidad, Washington, DC

Harlem, NYC


The inaugural Best Dinner Party Ever experience centered on a couple on the cusp of an engagement or a break-up, depending on which person you asked. Over the course of three subsequent experiences, the story evolved by switching the perspective of the characters, their sexual identities and their life circumstances. 


Cam - Nickolas Vaughan

Abi - Jillian Green

QUINCY & TATE  2015 | 6 Experiences

QUINCY & TATE  2015 | 6 Experiences 

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Petworth, Washington, DC

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn


Our second universe centered Quincy, a feisty woman in love with her boyfriend Tate. She wants nothing more than to be a star with a hit record produced by him, but it seems he might be giving more than his best records to his protégé, the mysterious Corena Holz. These experiences were the first to include choreographed performances and music recorded expressly for the character. 


Quincy - Marinda Anderson

Tate - Nickolas Vaughan 

Corena Holz - Brittany N. Williams 


Recorded music produced by Andre Danek. 

Quincy & Tate

THE FAMILY WARREN 2015 | 2 Experiences

Harlem, NYC

THE FAMILY WARREN 2015 | 2 Experiences

Harlem, NYC


Rival siblings unknowingly plan simultaneous parties at their family’s deluxe penthouse. Forced to deal with each other, they confront longstanding tensions, debate the value of generational wealth and unearth family secrets. This was the first experience to feature three hosts, and include original music written for a Show:UP! Experience. 


Monet - Amber Iman

Reggie - Nickolas Vaughan

London - Brittany N. Williams

Big Reggie -  G. Alvarez Reid


Original music composed by Darius M. Smith

ANGELIQUE & MALIK 2016 | 2 Experiences

ANGELIQUE & MALIK 2016 | 2 Experiences

Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn


Cousins who grew up together have to accept that they have grown apart. But as they pursue their artistic dreams, they face the big questions about “what is art” and “what is responsible”. Not to mention they each have their own grande delusions… 


Angelique - Marinda Anderson

Malik - Nickolas Vaughan

Makeda Abraham 

QUINCY & TREVOR 2016 | 3 Experiences